PB Executive Intro is an innovative digital recruitment process provided by Parker Bridge Recruitment (via an exclusive partnership with our UK software partners) that offers a radically different way to recruit combining advanced technology and cutting-edge methodology with in-depth candidate assessment. PB Executive Intro streamlines the recruitment process for clients using interview-style Q&As, video technology and psychometric assessment (only available in Thailand through Parker Bridge) that allows employers to “meet” the candidates remotely. Crucially, it has been measured to deliver employer retention rates of 96% after 12 months.

PB Executive Intro solution has the following elements:

  • Video profiles for each candidate submitted.
  • A behavioural assessment report, derived from psychometric assessment.
  • The candidate’s full CV.
  • A key competency questionnaire completed by each candidate.
  • A video interview with the candidate based on set questions that the client can provide or provided by Parker Bridge.
  • An Executive summary provided by the consultant on the candidate’s key skills and cultural fit in line with the job specification.


  • Share video presentations with colleagues
  • Exclude guesswork in your recruitment process
  • Easy access from mobiles and tablets
  • Benchmark shortlisted candidates
  • Secured online access/messaging
  • Interaction between decision makers
  • Candidates highlight their suitability online
  • Retention rates up to 96% means reduced recruitment costs

For more information on PB Executive Intro Click her, or contact Richard Malpeli – Director at 02 653 2680 ext. 201, richard@parkerbridge.co.th