The Power of Linkedin: Optimal form strategic alliance with ParkerBridge Group

BY: Kanaspatr (Patrick) Wasinsungworn, Managing Partner at Optimal

Recently, Optimal Graduate Recruitment and ParkerBridge Group formed a strategic alliance to increase graduate intakes from international markets, and within weeks we have seen immense synergies in recruiting graduates from top UK universities back to Southeast Asia. I wanted to write this article not as a promotional intake but to tell a story about the power of LinkedIn and how building a network can seriously open new doors not just for your businesses but also you personally.

A few weeks ago, I received a message from Richard Malpeli – MD of ParkerBridge Thailand, who has actually been a contact of mine of LinkedIn for quite sometime although we probably only had one conversion previously. Richard runs one of the largest and definitely the fastest growing recruitment company in Thailand, ParkerBridge, serving hundreds of top corporations in Southeast Asia and successfully placing a massive number of candidates each year.

I dropped a post on LinkedIn regarding Optimal a few days previously as a niche recruitment agency focusing solely on UK and US graduates (wasn’t expecting too much there). I personally was very new to the recruitment market, however had a team with previous experience working for some quite big agencies and as HR of a few multinationals. We had the expertise on a candidate side but lacked the network and knowhow to signup the really big guys, this is where Richard and his team were of essence, after a very a brief conversation it was clear that they needed help on a candidate side and we did on a client side, this fitted perfectly. After clearing the formalities, we went to work, and I have to say ParkerBridge really lived up to their name in the market, a fast, efficient and professional company of Thais and expats who had great passion and drive to find the best candidates for the top firms. In a matter of days we built a strong foundation to grow on, a foundation which I am sure will be the platform for even further synergies in the future, all formed on the back a short message on LinkedIn. We’ve already sent hundreds of candidates through to ParkerBridge many of whom have come from top universities such as OxBridge, Imperial and UCL with growing numbers everyday and I was very happy this morning to be informed that candidates were already heading to interviews at some of the biggest firms in Thailand.

I’ve been a LinkedIn user for along time now and this is a key example of the real power of this platform, so whether you’re starting out your professional career or still at university, stay active on LinkedIn, because you never know what tomorrow will bring or who the next message to you might come from. Like most things in live there is no certainty that you’ll get the next big thing from LinkedIn but you can still create immense value from the people around you and create life long friendships. I wish everyone the best of luck on LinkedIn and I would love to hear more about your stories!

At Optimal, we try to make the recruitment process as stress-free for the candidates as possible and we always go the extra mile to ensure that we keep the candidate informed and aware of the current situation. Although this is not a guarantee to place the candidate, we strive to work to our fullest and find the right job for our candidates. Through our partnership with ParkerBridge we are able to access hundreds of graduate roles each year.

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