SI-UK Educational Council


SI-UK Education Council was founded 2006 in Tokyo, Japan and is a privately owned enterprise started by 3 entrepreneurial expats.  It has now grown into a formidable company that has expanded to 7 countries with 13 office locations. The company’s main focus is providing free specialized counseling services to students interested in attending universities in the United Kingdom. These free services include choosing a university that corresponds with the student’s academic background, the application process, IELTS practice testing, securing a Tier 4 student visa and continued support while in the UK from offices in London and/or Manchester.

Through years of experience and dedication to the education industry, SI-UK has built a reputation with students and universities that is well respected for diligent service and unconditional support of students. The close working relationships with UK universities enables counselors to provide students with the most professional & suitable options for achieving future academic objectives. Our service is designed and individually tailored to each student to ensure their future success and realization of their goals. Further information:

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Parker Bridge’s sister company who has over 19 years experience in the recruitment industry across Australia and Asia . Historically they have focused on the travel, tourism and hospitality industries within Asia Pacific however in 2013, as a result of client demand, they began to expand the coverage to positions in information technology not just for travel, tourism and hospitality clients but for any client seeking hard to find IT/web based positions. Travel recruitment is demanding as it requires excellent market knowledge and clients need the same disciplines of IT/Web based positions. This has been a logical and rewarding adaptation of their business. Their team is divided up into specialist recruitment units with capabilities matched to their deep industry knowledge. visit click


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A leading provider of specialist recruitment training. Parker Bridge training programs are delivered and developed by Mike Walmsley. Known as the ‘Quarter Billion Dollar Man’ who is widely considered one of the world’s leading recruitment experts with his own unique methods. visit click



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Parker Bridge is the only recruitment consultant firm partnering up with the Institute of Export (IOE), a professional membership body supporting the interests of UK businesses in Thailand established in 1935 representing and supporting the interests of everyone involved in importing and exporting a unique range of individual and business membership benefits  for businesses trading globally. Further information: